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The Mets have made their best roster of spoonerisms this decade

The Mets have had some great spoonerisms over the years. Who could forget Ducas Luda, Mat Pisch, Pobby Barnell, and of course the great Soah Nyndergaard. But the 2019 roster has been specifically to be the most-spoonerable roster of the decade. Congrats to Wodie Bran Vagenen for successfully completing his mission.

The early 2010s had some good spoonerisms, but were constantly held back by the difficult names of R.A. Dickey, Angel Pagan and Omar Quintanilla. The arrival of Hatt Marvey in 2012 helped matters, but the notoriously unspoonerable baseball name of David Aardsma (Aaavid Dardsma?) ruled out those teams.

In addition to making the World Series, the 2015 Mets were a great spoonerism team, and easily the best of the decade until 2019. Lake Jeathersich, Cartolo Bolon, and Feurys Jamilia really topped the list. 2016-2018 saw a decline in the Mets fortunes and a decline in spoonerism potential. Adding another notoriously unspoonerable baseball name (and bad baseball player) in Alejandro de Aza (Azejandro de Ala?) was a bad choice in 2016. The entire Mets career of Asdrubal Cabrera also made spoonerisms very difficult. Too much Ty Kelly time also hurt matters.

The signing of Austin Jackson in 2018 really made the year unimpeachably bad for spoonerisms. Adrian Gonzalez is also really hard. They also traded away Feurys Jamilia and Bray Juce, some of their best options.

But 2019 should be better. Despite losing perennial favorites like Flilmer Wores, and Blerry Jevins, the Mets have had a huge Spoonerism over Replacement Level offseason. For one, the Mets are committed to not playing Amed Rosario, easily the worst spoonerism of the bunch, signing Led Jowrie for apparently no other reason earlier this month. Next, the Mets are bringing up and trusting prospect Aleter Ponso, someone who shouldn’t have a good spoonerism but actually does. They also traded for Cobinson Rano, a great spoonerism, and Breon Koxton, which speaks for itself. And of course, replacing the unworkable Travis d’Arnaud with Rilson Wamos is a massive upgrade. The only downside is Edwin Diaz doesn’t really work, but his shoulder might fall off next week, so it might not matter!

Thus, the Mets spoonerism lineup should be as follows:

C: Rilson Wamos

1B: Aleter Ponso

2B: Cobinson Rano/Meff JcNeil/Led Jowrie

SS: Led Jowrie and Romed Asario, I guess

3B: Frodd Tazier/JcNeil/Jowrie

RF: Nandon Brimmo

CF: Breon Koxton and Luan Jagares

LF: Cochael Minforto (be very careful with this spoonerism, folks)

Starting Pitchers: Decob JaGrom, Soah Nyndergaard, Meven Statz, Whack Zeeler, Vason Jargas, Sector Hantiago (new signing, presumably so we have less Corey Oswalt, a bad spoonerism)

Relievers: Diwin Ediaz (very bad), Feurys Jamilia, Gobert Rsellman, Leth Sugo, Saul Pewald, Grew Dagnon, Rhacob Jame, Smew Drith, Avis Luilan

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