I have a side career as a ticket reseller. We are, quite literally, the most hated group of businesspeople in America. TicketĀ resale reform is one of the few bipartisan business regulations that have passed Congress in the last year. But it’s an easy, easy business if you know what you’re doing, mostly because consumers are trash at consuming.

Today I found the worst ticket purchase I’ve ever seen on Stubhub dot com, (which basically lets you see all price and resale data for an event if you list a ticket, which, by the way, is one of the ways @DarrenRovell gets clicks).

Someone apparently bought four tickets to see Portugal, The Man at Terminal 5 for $196 bucks each. Once you tack on the 15 percent fee that Stubhub charges, this person paid about $225 per ticket.

This would make sense if the show on Wednesday, June 7th was sold out. It is not sold out. You can still buy tickets for $46 each after fees on the website.

In fact, you can buy four tickets to this Portugal, The Man show on Stubhub right now for around $75-$80 per ticket after fees. That means this person had to scroll down and voluntarily purchase $900 tickets that he should’ve paid $185 for on the real event website or $320 on Stubhub. What? Why? Why would you do that?

It’s Portugal, The Man!

This makes zero sense at all. Unless this dude thought he was buying Governors’ Ball tickets instead of Portugal, The Man tickets, this makes zero sense. And if that did happen, that’s STILL the dumbest Stubhub purchase of 2017. Any time you say ticket reselling and market forces prey on consumer stupidity, just remember sometimes it’s totally justified. I mean, if some sucker offered you $6 for the $1 can of Coke you bought at CVS, you take the deal!

I’m at a loss. So is this fool, apparently.


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