When it comes to beanballs, truth is impossible

There was a less controversial ejection yesterday that most people missed because it was during a Reds/Brewers game. http://mediadownloads.mlb.com/mlbam/mp4/2016/05/28/748282683/1464472579595/asset_2500K.mp4 Alfredo Simon threw the ball at Chase Anderson’s face at 91 MPH. He did this in retaliation for getting hit by Anderson earlier in the game. Anderson hit Simon in order to prevent a run from scoring (a clever […]

My Eight Bold Fantasy Baseball Predictions: 2016 Edition

As of today, baseball has officially arrived. While I am obviously excited to watch the Mets on Sunday night and for the rest of the year, I am also excited to see how my various fantasy baseball teams play. Anyway, this is all a relatively pointless introduction for my 8 Bold Fantasy Predictions for the […]

Random thoughts heading into the start of the MLB regular season

This article is exactly what the title suggests. The frickin’ Cubs are the favorites to win the World Series. This is reality. This could finally be the year the Cleveland Indians put it all together. That rotation is miles better than any other team in the AL, in my opinion. Once Michael Brantley gets healthy, the offense […]

5 Limericks About the New York Mets

Warning, these limericks may contain objectionable language directed at a certain ex-Philly. 1. Eric Campbell Finds a Way Eric Campbell always finds a way To be in the lineup, on certain days “Soup’s on” all the time! As his hitting declines. Eric Campbell, a player, hooray… 2. Michael Conforto I’m so excited for Michael Conforto […]

Mark Davenport, The Embodiment of Jorge Sosa

Former New York Mets pitcher Mark Davenport signed a one-year deal with the Chuinichi Dragons on February 5, 2034. The statistical work of Davenport is easily seen on various baseball sites. Fangraphs, whose sabermetric tendencies are no secret, has had the inconsideration to inflict statistics upon its deplorable readers, though these be few and usually […]