Jason Kipnis, the Latest Second-Base Power Surger

In some respects, this has been the Year of the Veteran Middle Infielder Who Suddenly Starts Hitting Homers (YVMIWSHH for short). Daniel Murphy passed his season-high for homers before the All-Star Break. Neil Walker already has 16 homers and it’s only July 19. Walker’s best single-season total is 23. Eduardo Nunez has nearly doubled his […]

I was James Shields, and I would not have traded for me

I have a long-running thesis that cross-country teams and pitching staffs are very similar. In both cases, you have 5 starters who are the most important. In both cases, you can get an “ace of the staff” but also have trouble finding a No. 4 and No. 5 guy. In races, as in baseball regular […]