Jason Kipnis, the Latest Second-Base Power Surger

In some respects, this has been the Year of the Veteran Middle Infielder Who Suddenly Starts Hitting Homers (YVMIWSHH for short). Daniel Murphy passed his season-high for homers before the All-Star Break. Neil Walker already has 16 homers and it’s only July 19. Walker’s best single-season total is 23. Eduardo Nunez has nearly doubled his […]

I was James Shields, and I would not have traded for me

I have a long-running thesis that cross-country teams and pitching staffs are very similar. In both cases, you have 5 starters who are the most important. In both cases, you can get an “ace of the staff” but also have trouble finding a No. 4 and No. 5 guy. In races, as in baseball regular […]

When it comes to beanballs, truth is impossible

There was a less controversial ejection yesterday that most people missed because it was during a Reds/Brewers game. http://mediadownloads.mlb.com/mlbam/mp4/2016/05/28/748282683/1464472579595/asset_2500K.mp4 Alfredo Simon threw the ball at Chase Anderson’s face at 91 MPH. He did this in retaliation for getting hit by Anderson earlier in the game. Anderson hit Simon in order to prevent a run from scoring (a clever […]