InnerSpeaker is really good and you should listen to it

This post is essentially filler content for today, but in my opinion InnerSpeaker by Tame Impala is a fantastic near-10/10 album. However, because it is the first Tame Impala album, and by far the least famous, not many people have actually listened to it. Why is InnerSpeaker ridiculously good? Well, for one, I would argue it […]

Quick Hit Song Reviews: David Bowie and Suede

“Sue (Or In a Season of Crime)” by David Bowie While David Bowie will always be remembered for his genre-switching, he had basically abandoned a the dark “goth-rock” exteriors on his own music since the 1970s in favor of a more conventional rock sound. Nothing on albums like Heathen or The Next Day showed any […]

Vampire Weekend Power Rankings: The Debut Album

I figured that the first article on this blog should be about Vampire Weekend. Vampire Weekend is definitely one of my top-ten bands of all time, and I even named this humble site after one of Ezra Koenig’s lyrics. This January will mark the 7th anniversary of their debut album Vampire Weekend, an album that influenced the […]