Waiting for Alviti – a one-act play by Tristan Jung

Characters: Alternate Universe Tristan Ruben Former Inside NU EIC Zach Pereles A football. A goalpost Midday. Tristan, sitting on the Lakefill, is trying to get BTN2Go to work on his phone. He taps the phone repeatedly, exasperated, but receives nothing. He gives up, exhausted, rests, tries again. As before. Enter Ruben. Tristan: Nothing to be […]

25 things I’ve done that weren’t smart at the time and aren’t smart in hindsight

1. I was very into Trivia Crack, that iPhone game in which you impress friends with your pretentiousness. It was great. I loved Trivia Crack. I won around 80-85 percent of my Trivia Crack contests, did you know that, it’s very impressive and it’s actually my biggest achievement. There was a girl I knew in Warwick, […]