Test Content about Latin America, please ignore.

  Gran Colombia: A Dream Gone Awry When the wave of Latin American independence movements swept through the continent in the early-19th century, many expected the removal of the Spanish Empire to herald a new era of freedom and better governance across the continent. Yet the destruction of the Spanish colonial empire in Latin America […]

InnerSpeaker is really good and you should listen to it

This post is essentially filler content for today, but in my opinion InnerSpeaker by Tame Impala is a fantastic near-10/10 album. However, because it is the first Tame Impala album, and by far the least famous, not many people have actually listened to it. Why is InnerSpeaker┬áridiculously good? Well, for one, I would argue it […]

The ridiculous Northwestern basketball that you will never read part infinity

Joe Cremo always showed up to practice early. Joe Cremo always stayed late in the gym. Joe Cremo never skipped anything, and that’s why he was one of the best Great Danes on the floor. He was heading into the arena for another late-night shootaround when he saw two figures fleeing from the stadium. “Hey […]